Bucktown All-Stars

Sugar Bowl Pre-Party

January 03, 2005

Out on the promenade in front of The Superdome, the whitest New Orleans Funk band played for a noticeably white Sugar Bowl crowd. With pleated beige pants and awkward dancing, The Bucktown All-Stars turned out '70's covers for the orange and rowdy Auburn(Alabama) and Virginia Tech masses.

The Bucktown-All Stars did a good job of catering to the crowd. "Who's gonna win tonight? Is it gonna be The War Eagles(cheering and applause), or is it gonna be The Hokies(more cheering and applause)?" What the hell is a Hokie, anyway? The band got two girls from each school up on stage to answer a question as quickly as possible, but the girl from Virginia Tech brought three more of her really drunk friends up there with her, and it was kinda amusing to see them stumble around the lead singer/MC of the contest. I felt sorry for him at the same time because he had obviously lost control of the situation. "How many points for a touchdown?" Auburn won.

The band played the obvious("Shooting Star") and a few others that were enjoyable and recognizable but not as popular.

I've seen the band in much better form than they were Monday night. They were on auto-pilot. The lead singer wandered with no direction and even turned away from the audience while singing. They weren't focused. Just sorta standing there. Everyone's faces mirrored disinterested looks I used to see in detention. The horn section, the strongest part of the band, was bad-ass as usual, but it couldn't save the songs. So, I guess the band has to learn how to kick ass when the crowd isn't into it or when they don't wanna be there.

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