The Stacks(Pt. 2)

Ernie K-Doe's Mother-In-Law Lounge

December 31, 2004

OK, I get it. The first time I caught The Stacks must have been a really, really off night. That or they've improved considerably in four months.

When I walked in at 1:30, it seemed like the party had dwindled. From the way people were talking inside Ernie K-Doe's Mother-In-Law Lounge during a then technically incorrect New Year's Eve, the audience was floating in a post-amazing show afterglow. I saw a few people with vinyl from opening Japanese band The Lottie Collins. When I talked to The Stacks lead singer/guitarist David Rhoden before his band's set, he even said I had missed the best part of the show. The energy inside the lounge was unfocused and spread out, but people started to converge in the performance room when The Stacks did a soundcheck that turned into an impromptu instrumental jam. A lot of people were already lining the walls of the room, sitting comfortably in or on top of leather-seated couches. With the din of twenty conversations filling the room, it looked like the remnants of a good house party. That's what's so great about The Mother-In-Law Lounge. Items alien to each other juxtaposed side by side created the historic voodoo to keep the audience relaxed.

Rhoden grabbed his guitar, and the jam died down. Then, they hit it, and they hit it hard. Crisp, rough rock blast through the room, and people started to figure out how their bodies were gonna express themselves. A lot of dancing and shaking, and even some twirling. It was fun, tight rock with a punk attitude and tempo. Shout to the heavens, the lyrics don't mean shit as long as they're screaming, rock lovenergy. The saxophonics gave the music a great DIY rawness. The band never got too crazy, but at the same time, in between songs Rhoden had a look of frenzied tranquility and an aura that said, "This would not be the time to mess with me."

Man, the band was so much better this time around. I didn't hear any sound problems, and the sonics were immaculate. The drumming was solid. Now I understand all the hype surrounding the band.

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