50 Foot Wave

Hammerstein Ballroom--NYC

December 19, 2004


Driving, heavy, hard.

Group Members

Kristin Hersh--vocals, guitar
Rob Ahlers--drums
Bernard Georges--bass

Razorblade guitar.
Beautiful, raspy voice.
Patti Smith earnesty.

Drums followed guitar lines to make the music heavy. Still, the band had the knack to seamlessly and lovingly place poppy choruses in the middle of fuck-it-all get-outs.

"Bones were made to be broken."

Screaming, humming, spitfire vocals.
Soft surf guitar effects.

Pleasant diversity in the sounds and tempos. They followed a direction, and then they took the next logical step.
Different movements but the switches felt natural.

Urgency in their assault.
High heavens needed to get out.

At the midnight show opening for the Pixies, 50 Foot Wave was heavy and straightforward. The band played head-bopping lovely super-punky Pop that went this way and that but managed to keep on the rail.

A nonthreatening tribal drum rhythm evolved into I'll throw you in the river, motherfucker! Keep your distance!

Did their thing. Mentioned their name enough times so that it became a joke. They deserved the attention. Great band. Rockin' set. Their first EP is out now.

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