Ratty Scurvics(Pt. 2)

The Mermaid Lounge

December 15, 2004

Was it that good, or was my memory exaggerating? Maybe Scurvics was only decent, and his crazed, dancing followers upped the energy to make the concert at The Dragon's Den on October 2nd so fun.

I worried like this before Ratty's performance at The Mermaid Lounge Wednesday night. I knew what I saw...but I was right! The audience at The Mermaid wasn't made up of his followers, and nobody got right up on him like they did at The Den. Still, judging by vigourous applause, whispers of "Who is this guy?", and known virgins to his show who stuck around and talked about it after, Ratty(The Singularity) one man band can be great anywhere.

It's very hard to dispute his musical talent. While screaming or gently serenading the audience with his dramatic vocals, Ratty played melodies on two keyboards that synched up sickly with the techno beats he turned out with his left and right feet. Most drummers would love to be able to turn out such crazed, complicated dance beats with only two feet to focus on.

Ratty's energy was infectious, and I almost got all sweaty again. Man, he put so much energy into it. With sick clown make-up on, he managed to make twisted, dark, carnival music bright and fun. I'd imagine you'd have to have an appreciation of the light and dark sides of music in order to enjoy his songs.

People danced a little, but the best crowd reaction came from the people who stared at him like an alien. Like, "What the hell? Where have I been?" Well, Ratty normally sticks to the Bywater and private parties, but he'll occassionally make a Circle Bar appearance. Seek him out.

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