Red Eye Bar and Grill

December 14, 2004

Pretty good for a first concert. When local rock band Furcharger opened for Johnny Sketch and The Dirty Notes Tuesday night at The Red Eye, they made mistakes and showed weaknesses. Their main one was that their lead guitarist played sloppy rhythm melodies when vocalist/rhythm guitarist Josh Roger took over the solos a la Rivers Cuomo.

Speaking of Weezer--the band played many pop/rock songs with a skippity upbeat. They were well-structured pieces with enough twists and turns to keep them fun and fresh. The rest of the songs were straightforward rockers with a classic(rock) structure that allowed for implanted solos and extended jams on the groove.

The lead guitarist had solos stocked up for days. It was fun to watch him wail away. This guy was a talent, but he must harness his energy to make the solos more concise(less noodling, more punch). It will serve the music better.

Roger's raspy voice worked with the music. His delivery was earnest, and his demeanor as leader of the band was thankful. About thirty people were in attendance, and their applause was hearty after each song. Drummer Emile Louapre and bassist Bob Mora weren't locked in super-tight, but their connection was enough to get through the songs with no major scars. The band's best moment came during their last song. With a solid and repetitive base provided by Louapre and Mora, Roger and the lead guitarist went off on a shred fest. While their bombast could have just as easily been a disaster, it was instead a great rock moment. While some in the bar said the band's sound was bad, I've heard worse(Hi-Ho). I heard Louapre's background vocals clearly, so that's enough for me.

The band had fun. The crowd enjoyed the music. No major scars.

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