The Circle Bar

December 13, 2004

Here's some words vocalist Mike Hickey gave on Daiquiri's website: "People hear in us what they want to hear: Metal fans will dig the heavy guitars, Techno guys will dig the 'beats,' fans of comedy will dig the lyrics and energetic live show...it's all pretty diverse."

True. Frenzied, headbanging sweat flew as destructive fingers made love to noise on the end of a convulsing body. Guitarist Leigh Newton's back ended up on the floor, and I remembered about the self-destructive passion of punk rock.

Hickey and Newton inspired and imploded the bar with their programmed beats and love for expression and interaction. I say imploded because not everyone was really into it. The band had the main room and a bunch of people in front of the bar watching, and some of them were gettin' down, but I also saw some confused faces.

Understandable. Hickey was dressed in a bunny outfit. That's number one. Hickey also ran around the room, even to a seat at the bar, like a demon spawn of Mike Patton. He did simple things like jump off the amp, but he had his own rock ballet goin' on. He ran around in circles and used hip-hop gestures that were in sync with the music. He was uninhibited as could be. That was number two. The band ended their set with a great rave-up of Kelis' "Milkshake." All the song needed in the first place was a faster beat and more overt sex. I guess if you don't like "Milkshake"--that's number three.

The guitars followed the catchy, complex and fickle direction of the beats, and even when Newton had technical problems, Hickey's possessed vocals and beats were enough to hold the song together.

The show was great fun.

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