Lounge Lizards

December 06, 2004

Maidenhead's sound owed a lot to the early '60's romantic pop/rock that came out of Britain. The Beatles and The Kinks, in particular. Throw Buddy Holly in with the Brits, for good measure. With a Merseybeat rhythm, local rock quartet Maidenhead played well-crafted original songs about girls Monday night at Lounge Lizards. But, the band as a whole was still only average. The group was tight, but they weren't enthralling in any sense. And they weren't engaging. I just stood there staring at them, no emotion coming out of me. I knew the type of music they played had produced a pleasurable response from me in the past, but they just weren't doing it.

The band was fairly energetic, and they tried to talk to the audience a little bit. But, it was one of those situations where it was better for the band not to ask the audience what they thought. Or, maybe just me. The twenty-plus crowd gave them lots of applause after each song. The band played a decent cover of "Besame Mucho." This was a nice nod to The Beatles, who played this song regularly in their early days.

So, in summary: they weren't good, and they weren't bad. They were average.

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