Pleasure Club

The Howlin' Wolf

December 03, 2004


What a great way to go out--at least for a little while. Pleasure Club punctuated the beginning of their hiatus with their best show yet. They were no frills as always. In fact, besides thanking people for support, bassist/vocalist Grant Curry, at a loss for words at one point, said, "We just always played our s---." And, then, once things had gotten a little superfluous, even for pseudo-last show standards, vocalist/guitarist/trumpeter James Hall ended Pleasure Club's last song with, "Alright, that's f----- it."

With a sinful, celebratory sneer, the local band offered enjoyable, rockin' songs that had the energy of a bull and the sensuality of your crush. Pleasure Club played dark rock n' roll full of anthemic choruses and feedback-infested verses. They offered everything from a slower, pensive song like "One Hand Washes the Other" to a motivational, edgy steamroller like "Shout! Youre Automatic." Hall even brought out his horn for the Eastern flavored "On Holy Land." The guitar tones from that song were so bright and crisp. Hall and Curry were great, but I have to mention drummer Michael Jerome. His brisk movements and mixture of R&B and hip-hop rhythms meant so much to the band's sound.

What's an underbelly without an underlord? What's debauchery without a ringleader? With the passion of a preacher, Hall screamed with the bad attitude of old school Rock n' Roll rebellion. In his quieter moments, Hall crooned with an icy glare. Once the music got kickin', Hall convulsed and dragged the microphone around the stage. Reaching for a loss of control, Hall's energy was infectious.

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