This Microwave World


December 01, 2004


The LSU football post-game radio show is hilarious. No matter how awful the team performed, someone will call in and say, "Well, at least the band was solid tonight." In other words, the Tiger band is the one glimmer of silver in the grey that is the evening's entertainment. That's what This Microwave World was Wednesday night at Tip's: Solid.

Despite an abnormally apathetic crowd, This Microwave World played a great set. Their sound is a bit different from what has been making the rounds lately. Instead of stealing their older brother's Smiths records, This Microwave World pilfered their dad's collection, taking ? and the Mysterian's dirty organ tones. Combined with a punk edge, the group crafted hooky, attitude-filled songs. Sure, some(most) of the songs sounded the same, and the organ solo from Evan Lawrence was a bit sketchy, but This Microwave World wasn't a well-known group. What they exhibited was great potential. Their songs seemed to soar above the crowd, going from pin-drop guitar plucks to full-on cacaphony.

If Frigg A Go-Go still existed, they would play with these guys. This Microwave World were a pleasant surprise. Their late '60's meets Y2K sound was a welcome addition to this musical world.

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