Dr. A Go-Go

Generations Hall

January 30, 2004

Thirty minutes was the perfect amount of taste time to see if Dr. A Go-Go was worthy to be a meal. I heard just enough of them on Friday night at Offbeat’s Best of the Beat Awards to realize that I would like to see them again.

Dr. A Go-Go, the night’s Best Emerging Rock Band, passed around red cross necklaces before they went onstage. With their two synchronized go-go dancers and red and white flamboyant costumes, high energy filled the room. Don’t forget pianist Jay Thomas’ tilting synthesizer and that they just plain rocked. Guitarist Ron Hotstream, bassist D.C. Harbold, drummer Joey Torres, and dancers Stephanie and Sarah rounded out the lineup. The dancers did 1960’s dance moves such as the Fruge, the Pony, and the Monkey.

The four-piece band was very into the music, and I can’t imagine surviving an hour and a half set without having to change a sweaty shirt. Their poppin’ beats and straightforward attack drew much applause after each song. The most important aspect of the band was Thomas, whose organ-like meanderings added the boost that made me start pogoing.

It was a fun night, and any night that celebrates local music is a good night.

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