Drew Landry & The Dirty Cajuns

Louisiana Music Factory

November 20, 2004

Drew Landry told the crowd leaning on rows of CD's that he could play unpopular music all night in Lafayette, but just as long as he played his jumpin', rim-shot song about Mid-South Wrestling, his audience got rowdy and would be satisfied.

Guitarist/lead vocalist Landry encouraged the onlookers at Louisiana Music Factory Saturday afternoon to sing along with his ode to the MSW. As a child, he watched the wrestling on T.V. every Saturday morning. Lead guitarist/vocalist Jason Meaux yelled out, "J-Y-D!" when the crowd responded with the same chant about wrestler Junkyard Dog.

Landry got it loud at his 3 p.m. in-store performance, and overall the crowd clapped and seemed appreciative of the raw, countrified Folk he brought from the land of "coon-asses," as he described himself. Landry was accompanied by harmonica player Blake Simon. No drums. Just the essentials.

Landry started the set off with a bunch of depressing songs. One was the Leadbelly-influenced back porch blues number, "Hounds of Hell." Percussion was Landry's hand against his guitar, and Meaux shone with elemental and driving slide work. Landry employed a gruff, grizzled voice for most songs, but he used a pleasant whining voice on the sparse Country song "Carry My Cross." Landry said it was written about a friend in California who was in alcohol rehab. Landry's explanation of his songs connected him with the audience and ultimately made his set a success. Landry continued with "Bayouself," a slow two-stepper about loneliness, and he finished his down bunch with "Angola Rodeo," a folky, haunting number about an Angola prisoner/rodeo clown.

Landry stuck with his acoustic guitar, while Meaux had a choice between an acoustic and two other electric guitars. When taking a solo, which was often, Meaux kept his progressions simple but enjoyable by bending notes over and over.

Landry's music and onstage attitude was earnest, real, and honest. No pretension. Meaux and Simon didn't even get paid for being his backing band.

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