D.J. C-Section 8

The Dragon's Den

February 06, 2004

Straight from house parties in the Bywater came DJ C-Section 8. Except he had no discs to jockey—just a module laden control panel and effect pedals galore. This was more than enough for the audience at The Dragon’s Den Full Moon Party Friday night.

The half-filled room screamed and applauded whenever there was a break in the music. This only happened twice—at the middle and at the end—and in the meantime C-Section did a good job of fusing his different pieces/beats together.
C-Section layered sound upon sound until they became abrasive, which was the point. A shaker-type rhythm was infused into a marching, industrial beat with bloop sounds and feedback on top. He knew when to decrescendo and build another beat up from nothing. His talent was most notable when he played around with note progressions on the spot, unsure of where the song would go. I never see this sort of improvisation at a rock concert. C-Section found a progression he liked, laid down a proper beat, then went back to embellish upon it.

His music was slow-paced and undanceable, even though some threw their bodies around in vain. The songs were melodic and pleasurable, though. At one point, C-Section kicked a Hip-Hop beat that could have filled the dance-floor with a proper melody. Instead, he fooled with the nodules and freaked everything out.

Go see C-Section, but make sure to find a seat before he starts.

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