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The HOB--Parish Room

November 19, 2004

A rock parody band for New Orleans. Even though they took lyrical stabs at some of the pretensions I enjoy about Rock, you gotta be able to laugh at yourself.

They focused their funny in three ways: songs, between song banter among the three mad scientists/musicians, and band breaks that featured fake advertisements on a screen. The band moved smoothly between the three, which was a testament to the amount of practice they've put into the show. The ads were the funniest part of the show because I could unfortunately not hear the vocals of Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III. The sound was pretty bad in The Parish Room at the HOB Friday night. I did catch most of "It's Morally Wrong," though, and I enjoyed their lyrical riffs on petty, everyday things.

Pinkerton was joined by bassist Bob, rhythm/lead guitarist Dr. A. Pentatonic, and Drumbot. COG had a three-eyeballed purple robot drummer on a television screen that mimed the programmed beats in sync(He could teach Ashlee Simpson a thing or two. Ohhhh! That was too easy). For an organic semblance, Drumbot was positioned above a real drumkit.

So, this is the deal: the band is made up of three mad scientists trying to take over the world--by playing heavy metal parodies with leather pants(Hey, it's better than invading Iraq). A highlight of the show was "Why Do We Do It?" Because they're mad.

The only reason the comedy got across is because the music was decent. Pentatonic burned off an impressive solo. Another highlight was "Death to the Angel of Death." I can't really explain why it was funny, so I'll just say this: if you have no appreciation for almost non-sensical silly humor, don't go to one of their shows.

Their between song exchanges seemed a little stilted. Not the best acting. Also, if you're in a bad mood, the show will move slowly. It took a little while for me to loosen up and commit to the unusual structure of the show. Actually, it wouldn't be a bad idea for the band to hand out leaflets before the show telling audience members what to expect. Or maybe that would ruin the surprise.

The band got a good response from the crowd. I heard a lot of people laughing. The show got a pretty good turnout, but who knows which band they came to see?

All in all, the show was fun and professional. It's good to see somebody holding the rock humor flame in the city.

Setlist(not in order):

Krazed Archer
Black Plague
Death to the Angel of Death
Bow 2 Me
It's Morally Wrong
Reach Out and Touch the Hand
Why Do We Do It

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