White Bitch

The Dragon's Den

November 12, 2004

"My beats so large, my falsetto so strong. Y'all know ya just wanna dance. Don't act so cool. This ain't Wembley, but y'all know I'm the silliest, freshest, white R&B guitarist around these parts. I'm gonna rock the rap with a little feedback. I've got a little anger, but y'all can relate to that. I've blended everything you've heard, and I'm gonna turn it out. And if you hold any music high, I'm gonna slap it down. This ain't bible study. It's a party. Tell the fanboys to leave their posters at the door and whisper to the prim pretties people be rockin' too hard to notice sighs."

That was an attempt to channel White Bitch's performance at The Dragon's Den Friday night. White Bitch summoned every soulman's spirit into his skinny frame, calling down the thunder with an arm throw and flailing in the moment like gimme some mo'. The one-man band started the set off with his spliff star Gregory assisting with vocals. The two went through a modern rap/R&B radio medley that included Nelly, Ludacris, The Neptunes, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, etc. White Bitch had the beats programmed and ready so he could play the melody on guitar. Gregory showed his worth and humor when he played Lil John during Usher's "Yeah." OK! Whatt?! White Bitch played the songs note for note. It was refreshing to hear those songs played on guitar.

White Bitch finished off the set with six of his own songs, sans Gregory. He started with his best song, "Very Serious," which ammounted to him repeatedly singing in a sarcastic and facetious way how he takes himself very serious. Thank God he didn't. Then, he turned on the feedback and started screaming the same thing. It worked. A smart-ass jam. The last five were more of the same offbeat, beat-heavy punctuations.

I enjoyed the show, and I look forward to White Bitch's evolution.

(I don't mean to stain this review with vitriol, but White Bitch opened up for Triple Delight. They kept stalking around the stage while White Bitch played, making sure White Bitch wasn't destroying their equipment. Note to Triple Delight: don't get somebody to open for you if you can't trust them. These guys were so anxious to play. They even positioned themselves onstage while Whitch Bitch went through his last song. How disrespectful is that?! They could have given a crap about White Bitch's right to an embarassment-free performance. White Bitch played along and got the drummer to drum along to his last song. It was insane. Given, White Bitch probably went on a little too long, but Triple Delight should have politely asked him to stop. They shouldn't have hovered like vultures. I've never seen an opening act treated like that before.)

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