The Blackfire Revelation--Side 2

House of Blues--The Parish

November 09, 2004


The Blackfire Revelation is the kind of heavy that you can feel. They’re the kind of heavy that you can hear in your ears days after a show. They’re the kind of heavy that is reminiscent of the early 70’s, checkered Van shoes and boogie vans. They’re the kind of heavy that brings to mind…Muddy Waters?

Tuesday night, local rock group The Blackfire Revelation called down the thunder in the Parish Room at the House of Blues. If they were nervous opening for barely-living legend Mike Watt, they did not show it.

From the opening growl of “Battle Hymn”(from their self released "Gold and Guns on 51" E.P.), the duo did not let up. They displayed not only a great stage presence and depth for a two-person band but great technical skill as well. Using a delay pedal, guitarist/singer John Fields played rhythm and lead at the same time. This was the interesting thing about Blackfire. The leads were not your typical “shred till my fingers
bleed” lead guitar lines which are so prevalent in
heavy music. No, these were amplified blues leads, similar to what is being done by the Black Keys, only much fatter. Fields’ screaming leads combined with Hank Haney's bombastic drumming to produce a cacophony that can't possibly be matched by any of Phil Anselmo’s nine hundred bands.

Blackfire Revelation has recently signed to the Black Keys’ label, Fat Possum Records. While easily the heaviest, darkest group on the label’s roster, they actually manage to fit in quite nicely. Who ever said Robert Johnson and Superjoint Ritual can’t mix?

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