D.J. T-Roy


November 04, 2004

With a smile one of Shiloh's neighbors asked me if I was getting a good vibe from the reggae concert Thursday night. I said, "Yeah," exaggerating my nod and grin to make up for the loud music threatening to drown out our conversation.

D.J. T-Roy played Hip-Hop influenced Reggae. I sat in a chair as the bass from the boom, boom, shake the room inspired Reggae vibrated against my chest and threatened to change my heartbeat.

As he picked up the pace and the amplitude of his 45's, the dancefloor filled until it reached its apex at around 1. T-Roy played Reggae from the '70's until today, and he spun everything from Roots/Rock to Rub-A-Dub to Dancehall reggae.

At 10:30, T-Roy got started with some groovy, relaxed stuff. For a while, there was one guy on the dancefloor. As the music got more bumpin' and danceable, the floor filled and became a living thing by midnight. A lot of girls out there with few guys to dance with. All you guys should know that there are some nice-looking women out at the Reggae night.

T-Roy kept his music positive. He played some political pickings, but he stayed away from violent Dancehall. T-Roy matched beats well, but he didn't make one seamless mix of songs. He didn't push a sonic build on the audience. Instead, he let it show itself little by little. He put a couple seconds pause in between each record.

T-Roy played Yellowman, Sister Nancy, Bob Marley, Steel Pulse, Capleton, Shabba Ranks, and Sizzla, among others.

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