The bally who...

807 Masquerade

October 30, 2004

I think Bryan Spitzfaden should be available for parties. The local artist/puppeteer provided much positive inspiration to the bally who... as they recorded their album, and on Saturday night at the band's performance, he was at it again. I walked onto the third floor of the mansion at 807 Esplanade early in the night, and the floor and walls of a side room were already covered with manifestos of positivism. It was signature Spitzfaden and a sign to me that the night and the concert were gonna be fun.

In an adjacent room at midnight, The bally who... performed for the first time. About ten people stood to watch and listen to the mix of film and music, but I can only imagine that number will grow as the band switches from pre-recorded sounds to live performances for future concerts. Also, the band will begin to morph the video as the music changes. Very exciting. Why? Because Rene and Jacques Duffourc have been blessed with musical talent and a hunger for experimentation. There's no telling how far they might take this. And I don't mean commercially. I just mean to the extent that it blows your mind.

The video(Rene) was synched up well with the music(Jacques). It was fun to watch the video flickered against the wall match the emotional intent or speed of the song. Horses ran a sped up equestrain run during a faster and harder rock song, while formal ball dancers provided the backdrop for a slower love song.

The performance seemed to capture anger, happiness--everything that's great or wrong with life. It was an enlightening and enjoyable experience.

Look for the band's name. They're just getting started.

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