Death Cab For Cutie

The Howlin' Wolf

April 23, 2004

To quote Marty McFly, Death Cab For Cutie's songs were "heavy." They were melodic, melancholy numbers about feeling smart and confused while hopelessly romantic but wary of love.

The Seattle quartet played an enjoyable set of their analytical lullabies at The Howlin' Wolf Friday night. The band kept things slow and plaintive, or they rocked out with offbeats and minor chords. When at full speed the band sounded similar to fellow "emo" band The Dismemberment Plan.

Vocalist/guitarist Ben Gibbard led the songs with his strong emotive delivery and beautiful voice. He sang intelligent lyrics about relationships gone awry without sounding cheesy. Guitarist Christopher Walla, bassist Nicholas Harmer, and Michael Schorr rounded out the band. They wore all black and moved around the stage with energy.

The college crowd was out in full force, packing the room. Paxil and hankies. Lovers and stand-bys. The anxiety of distance, emotional or otherwise.

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