Chronic Illness

The Blue Nile

October 28, 2004

Chronic Illness displayed the burgeoning unity of the New Orleans Hip-Hop and D.J. communities Thursday night at The Blue Nile. Artists from different media performed under one name to bring attention to a scene that has been ignored by the mainstream press. MC's rapped over D.J. beats while breakers danced and a live painting was completed by Codak. It was a swirly piece that focused on symmetry. and Media Darling Records came together to sponsor the event, which drew a packed crowd full of b-boys and frat guys alike.

Up first was D.J. Wizdum, who switched between upbeat rare Funk and Hip-Hop records. He had an affinity for tracks with horns. He played Quincy Jones, Bazuka, and Ninth Creation. Like I said, it's rare. He also played a pleasurable instrumental of "A Day in the Life," the theme from Bruce Lee's "Tower of Death," and a cover of "I Shot the Sheriff" by Emuir Deo Dato. Wizdum connected tracks by playing a song he used as a sample on the previous song. Wizdum didn't perform any cutting tricks. Instead, he kept transitions solid. That was fine. The music was strong enough to stand on its own.

Next up was disc jockey J.Infinite. He used the stop and go cutting technique; his hands flew from one record to another as he kept everything in time. During Infinite, the crowd began to fill the floor, and the night started to become an event.

Everyone was having fun, but things just got better when Media Darling Records MC Know One hit the stage backed by DJ Ladyfingaz. Know One rapped about everything from his appearance to politics. The songs would have been catchy enough as instrumentals, but Know One had a melodic way of throwing his words in between the music. He showed real skill by changing up the speed of his delivery as many as three different times in a song. His spitfire flow was very impressive. The people were into him, but they really should have given him more love. He was quality, and he was layin' it on the line up there.

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