The Public


October 25, 2004


I like when a band I've never heard tells me all I
need to know by the t-shirts they wear on stage.


The Public were an Interpol and U2 shirt away from pigeonholing themselves through the stage at Twiropa Monday night. They were very talented musicians making very uninspired music. Echo-drenched guitar leads (early U2) cried over melodic bass lines (New Order) to the strainings of a monotone singer (Joy Division, Interpol, etcetera). That's the problem with this new darkwave movement. Bands like The Public feel content in simply adding loads of distortion to old Smiths songs, not adding a stamp that is uniquely theirs.

The group had great potential, though. They just
didn't know what to do with it. Lead guitarist Jack
Champagne crafted some amazing sounds from his Les Paul, and bassist Ryan Plattsmier bumped out some charming dance lines. The only problem was that it was nothing that hadn't been done. The lack of originality made me want to slap the band and scream, "Dammit! Stop that! You are more talented than

It was tough to establish an opinion on
them because, while the music was well played, it
just wasn't that interesting. We've all shoegaze-danced to these beats before.

I wish the best of luck to the Public. I really
want to like them. I just hope they realize
that what made all of those Madchester bands so great was that they had a sound unique to one another. The only thing unique in the Public's sound was which band they happened to sound like in each particular song.

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