Deadboy and The Elephantmen

The Howlin' Wolf

May 14, 2004

I hadn't seen such a reverent crowd since I witnessed dreary, slow, and soft Rock band Low play The Spanish Moon in Baton Rouge years ago.

The Howlin' Wolf crowd Saturday night was silent except for applause. At any other rock concert, I'd expect at least a little heckling. Imposing Metal guys sat on the floor in front of the stage, hanging on lead singer/guitarist Dax Riggs' words like he was the chosen one.

Riggs was the former lead singer of metal bands Acid Bath and Agents of Oblivion. Riggs rocked out with his acoustic guitar Friday, but his new music was less heavy. It was still intense.

Lafayette band Deadboy and The Elephantmen played ethereal, dark rock. Guitarist/synth man Jason Dupre, drummer Jeff Lecompte, and bassist Chris Gautreaux rounded out the band.

The songs were either soft, acoustic ventures, mid-tempo hypnotic adventures, or faster, angrier temperatures. Usually all in one song. Their element of surprise was great. A constant, though, was Riggs' beautiful voice. A talent reminiscent of Jeff Buckley, he had the best local rock voice I have heard in a long while(he beats out Pleasure Club vocalist James Hall). He emoted so well.

This was a great concert. No wonder the group had such a devoted following.

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