Voodoo Fest

October 17, 2004

At least the songs were tight. Local band Ghost had their act together Sunday afternoon at Voodoo Fest, but they played average hardcore rap/rock. Remember Onyx and their 1993 hit, "Slam"? Yeah, well Ghost was half as good and half as dangerous. I have to give props to Ghost's fat rapper, though. He took off his glasses for a second, and his eyeballs were huge. Something about him said he wanted to eat a baby. I guess that's good since Ghost was trying to convince people they were the best rappers, or that their neighborhood was scary, or that they were threatening, or something.

Ghost said they were from Mid-City, but they looked like a bunch of homeboys from Fat City. I've got nothing to be elitist about, though. I'm from Kenner(a.k.a. America's City). Ghost rapped well, but they definetely could have been better. I realized this after I saw De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest later that day. Ghost's songs were best suited for white, testosterone-filled, suburban seventeen year-olds that wanted to feel black and need edsomething to be mad at. I'm assuming black kids would know to stay away from this stuff.

It was kinda silly. Their choruses needed a little bit more depth than "My neighborhood, My neighborhood, Come into my neighborhood." I think they were saying Mid-City is scary. It's not.

No matter--some people at the show enjoyed Ghost's music. Ghost did their thing well, but I say stay away from their thing.

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