Pixies--Part 4

Voodoo Fest

October 16, 2004


We now return you to the continuing saga of Frank Black, Kim Deal, Joey Santiago, and David Lovering:

The Pixies played the tightest of four shows Saturday night at Voodoo Fest in City Park. Sure, the light show and the amount of songs(thirty) were better in Atlanta, but the Pixies managed to fit twenty-five songs into an hour and ten minute period in New Orleans. Also, the band's screw-ups weren't as obvious as they were in Atlanta. Whether it was Frank Black's maniacal laugh or the extreme delicacy that accompanied their softer songs, the small things were the only things that made the New Orleans show better than Coachella. Though, Coachella still wins the award for highest amplitude of singing during "Where is my Mind?"

It was great to see Black and Deal smiling and relaxing next to the drum riser as Santiago took his noise solo during "Vamos." He tapped his strings with a drumstick again. He needs to really attack them and do it for a longer period of time. Now, it seems like a gimmick. It was cool, though, when Santiago tossed the drumstick back to Lovering and Lovering caught it on the way down. That got a big cheer. The songs that got the biggest recognition cheers were "Debaser" and "Where is My Mind?"

The band continued to surprise me. They played live rarities like "River Euphrates," "Planet of Sound" and "Isla De Encanta." "Bone Machine" was a rockin' opener, and "Vamos" was a nice long one to close with.

I'm still waiting for "Alison" and "Dig for Fire." I'll be up in New York December 18th for their last two American tour shows. I'll report back and tell you if they did or played anything special.


1.bone machine
2.river euphrates
3.wave of mutilation
4.broken face
5.crackity jones
6.something against you
7.isla de encanta
8.i bleed
10. (unsure)
12.planet of sound
13.monkey gone to heaven
15.gourge away
21.in heaven
22.where is my mind?
23.mr. grieves
24.nimrod's son

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