The Mermaid Lounge

February 14, 2004

New York City Punk Rock band Daughter hit the Mermaid Lounge stage with force. The guitarist traversed his fretboard with metallic riffs, and the female singer screamed at such a speed that it was hard to tell if she was rapping or not.

She and her fellow female bassist confronted the crowd with such drive that it was hard not to get caught up in their energy. Also, it wasn't hard to get into a band that had sexy, leather-wearing players. Evidence: the audience was head-banging and jumping up and down.

Halfway through the set, though, Daughter changed gears and played sultry, slower dance grooves courtesy of pre-recorded beats and bass. The music was catchy, but more importantly, the bassist was freed to writhe suggestively along with the singer. This was perfect Valentine’s Day behavior.

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