Immortal Lee County Killers

The Mermaid Lounge

May 23, 2004

During technical difficulties, drummer J.R.R. "The Token One" Tokien stood on top of his set and sang a Leadbelly tune. He swung his arms as he belted out the heartbroken lyrics, and he showed the crowd at The Mermaid Lounge Sunday night his band had heart. And a sick sense of humor. During the break, he also told a joke whose punchline dealt with bowel relief into a purse and bestiality. But, let's get to the music.

This trio from Auburn, AL, played loud, gritty, thrashing, throw your back out blues. It rocked, but their passion came from the blues and was manifested through Tokien's bashing and vocalist/guitarist Cheetah Weise's slide playing. They had a punk energy, but they also took it down for a haunting slow song. Weise did guitar jumps, and Tokien waved his stick at the crowd between snare hits. The new and third member was pianist Jeff Goodwin, who was drowned out.

This was raw, in your face, your let body go music. If you like hard rock and blues, you'll love this band.

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