Juliette and The Licks

House of Blues--The Parish

October 15, 2004

Thrashing around onstage only got Juliette Lewis so far. The quality of her music didn't match the energy. So, her concert got boring pretty quick.

I wanted Lewis and The Licks to kick ass Friday night at the House of Blues Parish Room. The critics are naturally against someone who tries to be a success in a showbiz profession after already establishing themselves as one in another. I guess it's jealousy. So, I wanted to say Lewis silenced the critics at her show with memorable, catchy, melodic music. But it was none of the above. The music was second-rate punk mish-mash that plodded, not plowed, through time.

The band was tight, which was a plus, at least. I expected that, though. Lewis wasn't gonna hire some unexperienced teenagers to accompany her on her "calling," as she says. It could still be. Lewis' voice was good enough, and her peformance skills were great. She had a bad-girl punk attitude, and her flirting with band members was sexy. She wore a tight outfit that screamed she came to work. She sweated, rolled on the floor, shook her body and head around to the music--it was all very entertaining. But, maybe the big problem was that she couldn't sit still for a moment and let the music speak for itself. It seemed like she was following her idea of what punk rockers were supposed to do, not what she was feeling. Her movements seemed forced at times. Probably because the music wasn't good enough to warrant her psychotic flailings.

Oh, well.

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