Pixies--Part 3

Fox Theatre--Atlanta

October 13, 2004


30 songs in 90 minutes! The first two times I saw the Pixies were at festivals, so they didn't have personal lighting, and they were restrained to hour performances. The stage offered background blue sky, clouds and moving lights that were synchronized to the beat in "Vamos." The show was sold-out, and to hear the crowd sing every up and down nuance in "Cactus" engendered a connection between us. I had seats way up at the top, but I could still see people dancing with their arms raised during the encore and notice Frank Black had sunglasses on the whole set. Guitarist Joey Santiago wore a loud purple shirt and bassist/vocalist Kim Deal wore a long sleeve white thermal unershirt covered with a short sleeve black shirt. Deal was a strange creature the whole show. She didn't speak to the crowd like normal. That was left to Black, who usually says nothing. It was a nice surprise to see him making silly small talk and what not. Deal played next to the drum riser the whole show and didn't approach the mic unless she had vocal duties. Santiago and Black approached her once each as if to console her and check on her, so hopefully she was ok. The band had a few small screw-ups, whereas at the festivals they were super-tight. As the band soaked up applause before their encore, Black talked to drummer David Lovering, who looked at his hands and wiggled his fingers in confusion in response to Black's comments. He then walked away with his head and shoulders down back to his drumkit. My guess is that Black was accusing Lovering of screwing up. But, who knows, really? I was at the top. At that same time, it was nice to see Black come over to Deal and embrace her to properly see someone in the crowd Deal was pointing out.

The set was fantastic. They played so many songs they rarely play. Two covers--"Winterlong" by Neil Young and "Head On" by The Jesus and Mary Chain. Also, "Subbacultcha, " "Crackity Jones," "Mr. Grieves," and "I Bleed." When they broke into "Levitate Me," I was so happy. It's not even on one of their proper albums. The set started out at a slow pace with a beautiful Deal/Santiago voice/guitar duet of "In Heaven" followed by the slower UK Surf version of "Wave of Mutilation." They later played the faster version. Next, they played "Here Comes Your Man," which was accompanied by colorful, blinking, happy lights. It was like they were making fun of their own song.

Try and go see the Pixies at a theatre, not a festival. Doesn't mean I'm still not excited to see them at Voodoo Saturday. Rock!


Bone Machine
U Mass
Levitate Me
Broken Face
Monkey Gone to Heaven
Holiday Song
Nimrod's Son
Here Comes Your Man
#13 Baby
Gouge Away
Something Against You
In Heaven
Wave of Mutilation(UK Surf)
Wave of Mutilation
Where is My Mind?
Crackity Jones
Head On
Mr. Grieves
I Bleed

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