House of Blues

October 11, 2004


The Deftones came out strong, opening with "Hexagram." Lead singer Chino Moreno screamed, "Pave the streets in red," and the stage lights bathed the House of Blues in a sea of red. The effect was powerful, leaving Moreno and company as silhouettes onstage. For the duration of "Hexagram," Moreno leaned against the crowd and they held him up, each person like a grain of iron attracted to a magnet. That was only the first song.

The group, which included guitarist Stephen Carpenter, bassist Chi Cheng, drummer Abe
Cunningham, and turntablist/sampler Frank Delgado, then ripped through a pair of songs from 2000’s masterpiece, "White Pony." "Fieticera" and "Change (In The House of
Flies)" brought the enrgized crowd down, but the music was superb. The slow, almost showgazing pace of “Change” was beautiful as gigantic green lights lit up the stage and everything in the room moved in slow motion.

The Deftones moved on to material from "Adrenaline" and "Around the Fur." Chino shocked himself on the stage during “Root." At first, this led to some inspired Jazz-Metal jamming at the end of the song, but once Chino returned to the stage it was apparent that he was in serious pain. The rest of the show lacked the energy of the fiery opening stretch as a result. Though the group played with energy, and most of the crowd seemed to notice little change, there was a definite drop in the band's intensity for the rest of the night.

They played a wide range of material. In one of the most beautiful post-shock moments, the group covered the Cure’s “If Only Tonight We Could Sleep,” which bled into White Pony’s “Digital Bath." Despite Moreno’s ham-fisted guitar playing, this pair redeemed the show’s slow second half. “If Only Tonight” droned on for ten minutes, with each note played only when necessary. The group really let their My Bloody Valentine influence show.

The half-speed tempo of the songs seemed to fit the night. The slow, pretty Deftones material didn’t last for long, however, as they launched into “(-) Blindfold” and “Engine No. 9." Afterwards, Chino launched into the Ice Cube song “Wicked,” which he rapped with Korn on their "Life is Peachy" album. Despite the Korn version being, well, bad, the Deftones managed to make it pretty acceptable.

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