October 09, 2004

Gimme that soul. Gimme that chill soul music. Now, you turned the heat up. I heard the organ mixed in with the African/tribal beats. It was nice. I heard James Brown and his confident vocals. Dance party 1967. J.Infinite spun rare groove records at d.b.a. Saturday night. Rare groove is categorized as underground soul/funk music—basically anything you normally wouldn’t hear. Infinite cut the records to get the crowd’s attention, and his record mixing was seamless. Good job. Infinite laid the beat of the upcoming song on top of the song fading out. So, I heard twice as many beats at once. Boom boom to my eardrums. Lay that stuff down. Infinite juggled beats well between records. He played Eddie Bo, The Meters, Mary Jane Hooper, James Black, Santana, and lesser-known New Orleans artists like The Gators and The Phantoms. Catch Infinite every Saturday night at d.b.a.

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