Do Make Say Think

The Mermaid Lounge

October 06, 2004

Some music mirrors happiness, anger, and various emotions associated with life. Canadian instrumental rock sextet Do Make Say Think sounded like life itself Wednesday night at the Mermaid Lounge.

This probably was a result of the lack of lyrics, which would have only clouded the pure message of the instrumentation. The music’s melodies were repetitive. Add to that layers of instrumentation on top—some playing the same line, some playing a different one—and I enjoyed some trance-inducing music.

There were waves and waves of grooves beginning and ending with the addition and subtraction of instruments. Ok, here comes the trumpet. And then there’s the sax. With two drummers and sound loops, I stopped trying to figure out the music at some point. Who cared where it was coming from? I just had to enjoy it coming.

There were waves and waves of emotion that lacked positive or negative connotations. The music sounded content. Or confused. There was no answer. There was just the moment. Rolling with the waves. The many bodies rocking back and forth on the dance floor proved this. The place was packed. The crowd loved the band.

The music was well crafted, complicated, and intelligent. There was no accident to anything. The drummers had to play precise beats in order not to collide with one another. Their interplay was wonderful and well done.

The band was happy so many people showed up. It was their first show in New Orleans. They said everybody could come up to Canada if the election didn’t work out. Yeah, well…

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