The Domestic Violets

The Circle Bar

October 05, 2004

The Domestic Violets played stripped-down, jangly, dance rock at The Circle Bar Tuesday night. The local trio was definitely influenced by late ‘70’s punk and early ‘80’s dance/rock. They even had the detached, European, “she wants to go out with me but I don’t care” vocal delivery working. The three switched instruments at will, and at a point it became distracting. They had catchy bass lines, but it would help if they fleshed out(added notes) their guitar sound. Also, the drumming didn’t keep up with the music at times. They played on a kit that looked like it was arranged to be as difficult to play as possible. Like a kid’s drum-kit gone wrong. They should flesh that out as well, if they can afford it. Other than that, I was impressed at their potential. It was only their second show. They played at a point where things will go wrong no matter how much they practiced. Here’s to their development.

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