D.J. Proppa Bear

Art for Art's Sake

October 02, 2004

In the hands of D.J. Proppa Bear, Jungle was different. Jungle music(also known as Drum'n' Bass) is defined as "a permutation of hardcore techno that emerged in the late '90's" by Allmusic.com. PB described it as "Jazz, R&B, and soul rhythms sped up times two."

In a warehouse along the beaten path of Art for Art's Sake Saturday night, Proppa Bear composed Jungle that was more ambient and trip-hop oriented than the original edition. PB, who has been spinning jungle for ten years, hovered over a Latin-tinged beat that had a smooth, laid back quality. For the first two and a half hours of his three hour set, most of his music was unobtrusive and groove oriented. He also took the beat down and threw in atmospherics, though. He also turned the beat up and got everybody's blood flowing.

For the last thirty minutes, times two was in full effect as pounding beats ruled and the party shifted into top gear.

It was hard to tell when one record began and another ended during PB's seamless mixing. He matched the snare beats of different records like it wasn’t a thing. He also scratched and threw in cool effects(echo) to spice things up. He didn't throw so much spice down that attention was taken away from the music, though.

As I walked away from PB, he spliced a Hip-Hop beat with Reggae. The possibilities.

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