Pixies--Part 2

Austin City Limits Festival

September 18, 2004


Remember the traffic on the I-10 as the city exited for fear of Hurricane Ivan? It was just as hard to get close to the front of the stage before the Pixies concert Saturday night at the Austin City Limits Festival. It took me about fifteen minutes to walk twenty feet. Luckily, I got past all the tall people and situated myself about fifty yards from the stage in the middle(if you want to know what the Pixies sound like, refer to my Coachella Festival review).

The Pixies walked onstage to thunderous applause. The first thing I noticed was that vocalist/bassist Kim Deal cut her hair real short. It looked good. Seriously, what music geek doesn’t have a crush on Kim Deal? She’d probably eat me alive, though.

Anyway, the band stormed into “Bone Machine,” and the rest of the concert was bliss as usual. Some surprises were “Dead,” “River Euphrates,” and “Cactus.” Deal showed off her pristine voice with a haunting solo performance of “In Heaven.” The band was very tight, except for when Deal missed a vocal cue. As he kept playing, vocalist/guitarist Frank Black actually walked over to her, as if to say, “What’s up?”

Lead guitarist Joey Santiago is one of the most underrated guitarists in modern rock, so it was great he got an extended solo during one of the songs. He beat the guitar and summoned noise out of it. Next, he set the guitar on its stand and started to run a drumstick across the strings. It was a terrific noise fest. Santiago then walked away from the guitar as it continued to emit a robotic noise. So, he started walking like a robot. It was very funny.

Black didn’t say anything the whole concert, and Deal commented on the heat once. On the flip side, people around me kept singing along to the songs. It wasn’t annoying only because I was doing the same thing. The band was a little rustier than when I saw them at Coachella, but not by much. It was a great concert.

Setlist(not in order):

Bone Machine [Surfer Rosa]
Brick Is Red [Surfer Rosa]
Broken Face [Surfer Rosa]
Cactus [Surfer Rosa]
Caribou [Come On Pilgrim]
Crackity Jones [Doolittle]
Dead [Doolittle]
Gigantic [Surfer Rosa]
Gouge Away [Doolittle]
Hey [Doolittle]
In Heaven
Levitate Me [Come On Pilgrim]
Monkey Gone To Heaven [Doolittle]
River Euphrates [Surfer Rosa]
Subbacultcha [Trompe Le Monde]
U-mass [Trompe Le Monde]
Vamos [Surfer Rosa]
Velouria [Bossanova]
Wave Of Mutilation [Doolittle]
Where is my mind? [Surfer Rosa

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