Old 97's

Austin City Limits Festival

September 18, 2004


The Old ‘97’s rocked. I really wish there was a more clever way to say that, ‘cause I sure as hell would have said it, but there isn’t. At the Austin City Limits Festival Saturday afternoon, the eleven year-old Dallas quartet sent a fireball of quirky, countrified, booze-induced rock n’ roll through the crowd. Their mix of the poppier, hoe-down aspects of country and the power of punk got me singin’ along and boppin’ my head more than once. They were relentless. Just when I thought the fun was over, they threw a rock-out jam at the end of a song to extend my happiness.

It’s funny. Their music could be the soundtrack to a Texas love story, break-up, and the car chase that ensues. The songs that made me want to grab my hanky were just as good as their throw your arms up in the air celebratory pop pieces. These guys weren’t country poseurs, though. They played a mean shuffle. It was so tight I wanted to put on a cowboy hat and get in a bar fight.

Fun, energetic, rock n’ roll. Check them out.

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