Austin City Limits Festival

September 17, 2004

Louque played smooth, danceable rock music at the Austin City Limits Festival Friday afternoon. The two keyboardists, drummer and bassist used one of the synthesizers and a drum machine to infuse the music with atmospherics and hints of electronica. Mostly, though, the catchy hooks were created in a traditionally organic way on the piano by bandleader/vocalist/keyboardist Louque. Donít get confused. That was his last name. He stuck to soulful street rhythms that were accompanied by his smooth and excellent vocals. His look and demeanor were just as slick as the music. Iíve seen his strolliní swagger before, and Iím not surprised he was born in Louisiana. His relaxed speech and laid-back stride made me feel comfortable and at home. It was simply fun music to listen to. Since Iím a white boy whoís under the illusion heís hip and can dance, I loved this music. Any fan of Motown would probably like it, too. Louque stepped up the volume and rock at points, but the band mainly kept a steady groove that allowed the emotional immediacy of the lyrics to shine. It was Marvin Gaye ďTroublemanĒ type of fare. Louque, the man, was gregarious and gracious, and it worked to his advantage he accidentally subtracted fifteen minutes from his performance time. He had three songs that were supposedly his last, and the crowd ate the drama up. They didnít want him to leave.

Iím glad I caught these guysóan unknown band that will end up in my CD collection for sure.

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