April 23, 2004

Rebecca Barry unleashed her exceptional vocal range at the Sprint Stage Friday afternoon. Since she only played saxophone in other bands she backed, I didn't expect her to have such impressive pipes.

Bust! was Barry's band, pure and simple. She sang Funky, yet Pop-structured upbeat original songs about her personal life. Sort of like Theresa Andersson with a little more depth. She was backed by drummer Kevin O'Day, bassist Edwin Livingston, guitarist Bert Cotton and a back-up singer.

One song lamented how Barry lost her daydream spirit as years went by. Even though realizing you won't realize your true dreams is a bummer, her confident tone rangled up symbiosis and turned the song into a positive. Add to that her dancing back-up singer and the prancing men on stage left dressed as superheroes and—well, it's kinda hard not to smile. At the end of the concert, Barry ran over to the men and removed the piece of t-shirt covering their nipples.

The time was grand, but the songs weren't interesting enough to stand on their own. I looked forward more to one of Barry's or Cotton's solos. The songs were earnest, but they didn't get me rocking. I smiled, laughed, respected and related to Barry's feelings, but the music was bland. Though, as an overweight female fronting a funk band—something you don't see very often—more power to her.

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