Treasure Chest Casino

April 08, 2004

As three men in shiny purple suits made an Elvis-like entrance after they were introduced, all I could think of was that opening scene in Sister Act. The lounge singer thing still happens. Or, more importantly, people still go for the lounge singer thing.

The three men sang for BRW, a New Orleans cover band that played at the Treasure Chest Thursday night. Rounding out the group were two keyboardists, a bassist, guitarist, and drummer.

The band played a ten minute funk instrumental before the singers arrived. The band seemed less than enthused throughout the night, and they missed cues. I definitely felt these guys belonged in a casino. The band ran through diverse covers, including "Old Time Rock N' Roll," "Soul Man," and any K.C. and The Sunshine Band song you can think of.

When in full entertainment mode, the singers employed Temptations-like moves. The band was a machine, playing only a major portion of a song before deftly moving into the next one.

A highlight of the show was when BRW took the music down a notch for an acappella cover of "What A Wonderful World." Since the song had so much space for vocals, the singer added improvised feelings.

The band finally got the audience into it ten songs into the set with "Mustang Sally," a cover band must. The dance floor filled, and that was my cue to take off.

Even though it took a while, BRW got the people dancing, so they must have been doing something right.

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