Soda Popinski

The Howlin' Wolf

August 27, 2004

Local funk quintet Soda Popinski got busy Friday night at The Howlin' Wolf. A little too busy, actually. The drummer and bassist got superfluous instead of locking in with each other to create a danceable groove. Few audience members boogied last night. The band actually got a lot of cheers and applause after each song, but that's only because a huge percentage were connected to them in some way or another. Kudos to the band for getting so many friends out.

The music sounded good because these guys were obviously talented, but it didn't feel good. Soda Popinski occasionally played interesting pieces, but they didn't have a rhythmic base to justify them. The pianist's solos were the most interesting part of the night.

Speaking of nights, Soda Popinksi weren't worth a Friday.

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