Project Color 3


August 25, 2004


The crowd of college students let out a mocking
"awwhhh" after guitarist Alex Waguespack thanked his mother for coming. But, as his father beside me explained, the points he gained with his mother far outweighed the points he might have lost with the hard-asses. Sure, there's such a thing as unconditional love, but since the mother had been paying for guitar lessons since third grade, I'm sure she didn't mind a little recognition last night.

Local rock trio Project Color 3 got a lot of recognition last night. I hadn't seen a band get so much of a turnout at Homegrown Night. It was nice to see that the Tipitina's showcase for up and coming bands was still relevant.

The instrumental band was very tight last night. The only thing they should focus on improving that won't come naturally with time is their stage presence. Since there's only three of them up there, it was up to bassist Rene Rosas and Waguespack to put forth all of the band's energy. Waguespack did his part--asking the crowd to move around more and talking to them--but Rosas was stone cold(Steve Austin). I'd chalk it up to nerves. The band embraced onstage for a post-show photo, so it was obvious this show was a milestone.

The band played enjoyable offbeat rock. I'd automatically attach their love of strange meters and long phrases to a jam band thing, but Waguespackwasn't noodling. He was shredding efficiently within the groove, and he had the guitar tone of Eddie Van Halen. String Cheese Incident, they were not. Drummer Jared Marcel was progressive, but he kept the groove tight and compact by not going off into spacey la-la land with too much tom-tom play and by being patient. He had the maturity to accent when it was important and not play a note every single second.

So, if they get Rosas to rock out, these guys might have something.

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