Bishop Allen

The Mermaid Lounge

January 28, 2004

New Orleans was strange to Bishop Allen. They were surprised to be summoned back for two encores after a throng of people jumped up and down to their music.

The Pop/Rock band from Williamsburg, the current hippest part of New York City, had it all: great singing, energy, tightness, and an ability to make people dance. The band was guitarist Christian Rudder, singer/guitarist Justin Rice, drummer Jack Delamitraux, and bassist Christian Owens.

I listened to four tracks off their website before I went to the show, and the band was much better live than on CD. They were frenetic, and they acted as if they had come to level the audience, which they did. Their song subjects dealt mainly with love, as it is with most quirky Rock bands. They sounded like a lesser version of Fountains of Wayne, even though they did a good job of ripping off Modest Mouse’s sound on one song.

As a sidebar, they did two great covers of Fugazi's "Waiting Room" and The Talking Heads" "Psycho Killer."

Rice had this to say from his website tour diary: "New Orleans, shit god damn, you schooled us. You were downright combustible. You get the prize thus far. Bless you."

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