The Waxwings


August 20, 2004

Trend run-off is unfortunate. Whether it was an association with Seattle or the whole grunge thing, one thing is for certain: there were a lot of alternative rock bands from the '90's who got popularity their talent couldn't afford. Bush, anyone?

The new semi-big trend is garage rock from Detroit(The White Stripes, The Von Bondies, all those "the" bands, etc.). Somehow, Detroit pop rocksters The Waxwings opened for The White Stripes on their 2001 tour.

I recently had a vacation in Chicago. Too bad The Waxwings won't be part of my trip highlights.

I was hoping they wouldn't suck, since my friend Angela said headliners normally suck if their opening band sucks. Their opening band sucked.
So, blah, blah, blah, they played lifeless generic rock. The band was cold, and the crowd wasn't into it. Normally, you at least have a group of super-fans jumping around near the stage, but The Waxwings didn't even have that. They had a misled write-up from the Chicago Reader and tons of publicity backing the show cause they were from Detroit.

Do you see what happens, you fucking trend-setters?! The Waxwings are what happens. Greedy corporate labels get to parade around a "happening" band, the band gets their second of fame and a lifetime of therapy, and good music-loving people get duped into seeing a horrible rock band.

New Orleans has a lot of great rock bands, but thank God they aren't similar enough to spark a trend. Yeah, so don't go see The Waxwings.

P.S. Schuba's is a great place to see a band. A nice bar seperated from the mid-sized performance room. It gets really loud in there, which is good for a rock concert.

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