Ben Kweller

The Howlin' Wolf

April 23, 2004


Brooklyn native Ben Kweller strutted the stage full of himself and completely confident in his abilities. And what wasn't there to be confident about? Kweller was a young man who just released his second album of catchy Pop/Rock songs.

He played a piano ballad or a fuzzed-out rocker without his fans criticizing him for one or the other. If Ben Lee had stayed away from the electronics and been a little more edgy, he would have been Ben Kweller. If that helps.

Kweller turned out earnest and world-weary songs Friday night at The Howlin' Wolf. One highlight was "Sha Sha," the light, apathetic sing-along from his first album that almost everyone in the crowd recognized. Another highlight was "Wasted and Ready," a typical teenage song about lust and drugs. The song got interesting when Kweller's heartthrob singing disappeared behind Weezer-type garage noise during the bridge.

The show was fun, as is anything that rocks well(Rockwell? "Somebody's Watching Me.").This guy had a great voice and a knack for songwriting behind him. Let's see if he can stay relevant.

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