India Rubber

The Mermaid Lounge

August 12, 2004

I underestimated them. I figured that since they're only 19, they would be average at best. I was wrong. Local rock quintet India Rubber played a great show Thursday night at The Mermaid Lounge. The band was guitarist Steven Showalter, bassist Nick Spitale, drummer Ryan Higgins, keyboardist Jacques Mouledoux, and vocalist/guitarist Chance Duran.

India Rubber took a cue from their alt rock heroes The Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead by playing emotionally intense music. The band had two main strengths: the voice of Duran and their musicianship. Duran did a fitful job of covering Sigur Ros and Radiohead songs, so that said something. The band was tight, and for their young age, they had an amazing amount of musicianship. At times they had three guitars going at once, so they were able to play multiple melodies in one song, which really gave the songs more energy and texture. A simpler band would have left the single melody alone, but India Rubber created emotional intensity by knowing when to change the theme of a song by adding a melody by way of Showalter. Duran had a voice that carried, so he was able to hold it until the tension in the song built up to a nice level, only to be released with a pleasant deep breath.

India Rubber just changed their name from The Garage, FYI. The sound went out on the band at least four times, so they called it quits after a while. Still, they played long enough for me to realize they were tight and talented. So, if you want intelligent, sentimental, powerful and sensitive rock, these are your guys. I would definitely see them on my own free time.


Beneath the Waterfall -->
In From Outside
Bare Bones
In Hours
Lucky (Radiohead cover)

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