Generations Hall

January 30, 2004


Thirty minutes was the perfect amount of taste time to see if Ballzack should be a meal. I heard just enough Friday night at Offbeat’s Best of the Beat Awards to realize that I would like to see him again.

Having already played The House of Blues and just won Offbeat’s Best Hip-Hop Emerging Artist award, there was a lot of justifiable buzz around Ballzack when he hit the stage. Maybe it was Generation Hall’s posh setting or a full dance floor of many unassociated with his music, but Ballzack seemed a little confused and disoriented. He and his side vocal man threw around sly grins and laughed at themselves the whole set.

With song titles like "Monkey Handjobs," "Pencil Crack Tournament," and "Make My Own Stickers," Ballzack’s lyrics were predictably silly, but more importantly, his rhyme-style was inventive, and his DJ’s beats were catchy and tight. Ballzack had a demeanor similar to fellow non-Black pop-culture maven MC Paul Barman(check him out).

A few audience members in the front row went crazy for Ballzack, so it was no surprise when not one but two women volunteered to participate in "Karate Girl." During Ballzack’s ode to Karate Kid Part 4, he made the two girls mock-fight. It was hilarious when one of the girls was a little bit more aggressive than the other.

'Twas a fun night, and any night that celebrates local music is a good night.

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