The Parish

August 07, 2004


Modern gloom rockers Ours participated in some tomfoolery Saturday Night at The Parish. They put two opening bands on the bill when there were none. So, they played from 10 until 12:30, an hour longer than originally scheduled. I was flabbergasted when I got there at 10:40 to see lead singer Jimmy Gnecco onstage, but I still got in a good hour and fifty minutes. There's a lot of math in this review. I was never good at math.

Gnecco told the crowd he originally planned to do a solo acoustic tour, but when he told his newly formed band, they wanted to come. Problem was that they didn't know a lot of the old songs. So, midway through the set, the band left Gnecco by himself to go through a lot of the older material with his acoustic guitar.

Which made sense because the band has always been a front for Gnecco's songs. The guy's voice made my toes curl up. It was so powerful and beautiful. When he let go on one of his screams, it was worth the price of admission right there. Just when I got comfortable and happy because I thought he couldn't take his voice to a higher register, he did. Gnecco's voice was compared to Jeff Buckley's, and it's a worthy comparison. If only his songs were as good. The concert was great and many of the songs were enjoyable, but after a while, they started to sound the same. If Gnecco combined his voice with the talents of (place your favorite songwriter here), the band would be much bigger. Ours had a vibrant sound. Gnecco was out to move his audience emotionally, and at times I was moved.

Ours had a video hit with "Sometimes" in 2001, but since then they've been off the radar. They were compared to Radiohead, but Ours were much more hard-rocking and straightforward. They got the voice and the dark mood comparison right, though. Ours had a tight and clean sound Saturday night. Gnecco had his usual slick hair and black leather look going on(during a video interview I watched online recently, I could hear the leather crackling). He wasn't exactly effervescent, as I expected, but he did thank the crowd and made sure they knew they were in for a treat.

The half-filled room consisted of dark music lovers. Many mopers and wallowers. Lots of girls, and then the guys who could handle the sentimental and sensitive themes. It was a fans show. So many people lit up when Gnecco played opening riffs that it was silly. During the acoustic portion, the crowd shouted out requests, and Gnecco played them.

A good show overall.

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