The Stacks

Off-White Linen Night

August 07, 2004

The Stacks played old-fashioned rock n' roll Saturday night at Off-White Linen Night. Straightforward Stooges/Stones influenced garage rock. Unfortunately, they didn't live up to their own expectations, or mine for that matter. When lead singer/guitarist David Rhoden had sound trouble a few songs into the set, the band's bassist said, "Sorry to everyone I told this show was gonna be better than our last." The band played on a makeshift outdoor stage in a backyard, lit up by floodlights.

The band reached their potential a few times, but the set was doomed from the first incident. The band had continual sound problems, they couldn't hear themselves, and their drummer wasn't up to par. The band will play danceable music once they get rid of their drummer. He missed cues, and he wasn't in the pocket. It was embarrassing, and it made me feel bad because I could tell Rhoden wanted the gig to go very well.

Their saxophonist added exuberance and raunchiness to their sound. They should utilize him more. The show probably wasn't as bad as I'm making it sound, but performances need flow, and audiences need to be able to step into that flow. There was no flow.

I'm gonna give these guys another chance. I really think they can put on a good show, but they need to get their stuff together.

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