Dirty Mouth

Lounge Lizards

August 05, 2004

Dirty Mouth pissed people off before they started their set. When the local rock group finally hit the stage at 11:15, three or four people walked out of Lounge Lizards together.

Now, since the stage oversees everything, it's very hard to sneak out of the bar unnoticed. This is a bad thing at a Dirty Mouth show, since they're a bunch of foul-mouthed jackasses. Closest to the door, guitarist Tim Robertson said a loud "See ya!" as the group left. Then, as the group came back in to pick up something they forgot, they were greeted with a loud and sarcastic, "Oh, you're back!" As they left for the second time, a man in the group expressed his disapproval for the band calling him on his early exit. So, Robertson explained that they're the band, they can say whatever they want, "shitbag!" This set the guy off. He and Roberston had about as heated of an exchange as you can have when one guy is inside and the other is outside, but the guy's girlfriend had to hold him back.

For the next five minutes, the band made fun of the guy for getting angry. Roberston was joined by drummer Michael Sollars, bassist Josh Kerin, and guitarist Dave James.

You have been warned. If you go to a Dirty Mouth show, expect a band that shows open contempt for their audience. Also, plan for raunchy lyrics, a fu-- it attitude onstage, and a bunch of fu-- you's thrown out to whomever the band is rightfully or unrightfully upset with at the time.

So, it was a fun show. The band throws in covers when an audience is sparse, but since the place was snug, they played originals. They were good, too. Dirty Mouth played Country-Rock groove songs that brought out my inner trash. That in-the-pocket, mid-tempo good-time stuff. Kerin and James harmonized with Robertson well. I saw a few people dancing.

The best was during their first song, when they went from their groove attitude into a full out punk thrash and back again. It was more than fun to see both guitarists shredding at the same time.

So, maybe the morale of this review is that if you see a Dirty Mouth show, you'd be well-advised to stay until the end. Or at least have a sense of humor.

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