Coachella Music Festival

May 02, 2004


Ash showed off a harder sound when they closed out Coachella at a large tent Sunday night. On their last album, the Irish quartet melded orchestral pop with straightforward rock for a masterpiece. Ash played new songs that possessed a stronger punch. At one point, they sounded like The Deftones.

Ash played familiars such as "Goldfinger," "A Life Less Ordinary," "Sometimes," and "Burn Baby Burn." The band was in full Rock star mode. They dressed as Rock stars should, and they implored the crowd to get into the music. They made sure the crowd knew they came all the way from Ireland just for this one gig.

"Burn Baby Burn," the closer, was a wonderful moment in time. It's as if everyone knew this was it for the festival, the last chance to get their rocks off. Anyone passively enjoying the show and waiting for the right moment found it. People moved towards the stage, and the tent erupted with energy for three minutes. Heads thrashed, bodies moved up and down, a little jab here and there. It was all welcome. This was the end. It was a great and powerful end.

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