Dave Easley

The Hookah Cafe

August 02, 2004

Dave Easley is a silent torpedo moving slowly but surely. He's set to be a huge musical presence in this town, if we let him. His talent on the pedal steel guitar is obvious to those who frequent concerts, and he's been showing up in more and more bands(3 Now 4, Elastic Karma Kings, Coco Robicheaux, Bubblebath). If he played the guitar or bass as well as the less accessible steel guitar, he'd be a lot more well-known. Coincidentally, Easley makes his steel guitar sound like everything else--an organ, a sitar, a horn.

Monday night at The Hookah Cafe, Easley played Funk, Indian, Folk and Latin music. He was accompanied by Andi Hoffman and The B-Goes bassist Thomas McDonald. They played originals except for a John Coltrane number. Easley's sitar musings went well with the Hookah atmosphere, and a Latin piece was well-crafted, groovin' and well-sung by McDonald.

Easley jammed on his light, psychedelic folk numbers for most of the set. They were relaxing, partly due to Easley's Paul Simon-like voice. Things sounded best when McDonald and Easley matched each other note for note. Since Easley was such a quiet figure, McDonald's scat singing was welcome and also pretty good. Especially when he sang along to his own bass solo.

Easley was his normal genius self--he used his bare feet to create melody and speed. Easley also showed his humor. He sang(I'm paraphrasing): "My apartment was infested with insects/But I didn't want to make a complaint/I covered myself with repellent/Turns out it was paint/I got the blues/So don't give me no clues."

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