Antarctica Vs. The World

The Dixie Taverne

August 01, 2004


I stood in a semicircle around local hardcore band Daisy as they played on the floor of The Dixie Taverne. The lead singer of Daisy introduced a song by stating, "This song is about fuc---- cats." I'm not sure if he was accentuating the song's subject or talking about bestiality. Either way, it's probably safe to say the curator of NOMA wouldn't have had fun figuring out the intent.

I walked into the Dixie and noticed a tension in the air--like people didn't know how to act. Should they have acted hard like it was 1984, or had we passed that? Or is the point that the music wasn't supposed to get passed that?

There were tons of people at the show. The mohawked and made-up punks mixed with the simple t-shirted punks and the leather and tattooed punks.

A table in the back of the room showcased rare hardcore vinyl. The man behind it offered me a flyer about upcoming hardcore shows that aren't publicized in the newspaper. The underground feeling I got reminded me of the old Faubourg Center. It was a dilapidated punk hangout on Frenchman Street.

Quartet Daisy opened for local hardcore band Antarctica Vs. The World Sunday night. Daisy played one minute songs, but each one was different and interesting enough. They screamed a lot, and they invited audience members up to the mic to sing for one song. It was totally acceptable when a guy got up there and crafted his two verses as guttural screams. He got a pat on the back. It was nice to be back in the Hardcore/Metal atmosphere, where it's actually encouraged to go a little insane.

AVTW draped cloth with their logo on it over amps. Cos Solo, their lead singer, stood with his back to the audience. He was dressed in all black and some of his outfit was wrapped in electrical tape. Guitarist Dead Jim stunned me with the great make-up work on his gunshot chest holes.

"Those were real gunshot wounds. This band was zombies for real, yo."

As the band started, Cos turned around and revealed the black make-up around his eyes before he let a bunch of blood fall out his mouth. Then he did the horror movie maniacal yell, which was fitting because so many of AVTW's songs were about zombies or graveyards. The Misfits obviously had an influence on them.

Their music was good. They played quick songs, and they were all headbang-worthy. Most of the songs had the same fast dot-do-dot-do-dot-do drumbeat, but sometimes they slowed things down and got sludgy. Cos was in with the audience until there was an assured pit. Then, he was onstage the rest of the set.

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